Dibdib studios is a new gaming company incubated in London. "Dibdib" is a Filipino word that translates to 'chest', where the heart lies. The company aims to create games that spreads awareness about important subjects and have a positive social impact.
Michelle Chen is programmer with more than 8 years experience in game development. She makes game and other things under the name purplelilgirl. She is a Toptal STEM for Women scholar, who pursued a MSc in Video Game Enterprise and Production at Birmingham City University. As part of her Masters by Practice, she made a point-and-click puzzle game about depression to promote mental health awareness, which became a semi-finalist in Stylist x Diet Coke Creator's Collective. She is also a BAFTA Crew Games Member, STEM Ambassador, a Student Award winner at the European Women in Games Conference 2017, and a Google Udacity Scholar, who regularly volunteers at game industry events.
Michelle Co is a BS Psychology graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University and has a special interest on the intricacies of happiness and the resilience of the mind. Currently she is studying Graphic Arts and illustration at University of the Arts London. She owns WilQuote Publishing, which has since published books on poetry and quotations. She is the creator of Bunster and Hariet, a webcomic about the happenings inside a girl's mind, depicted by cute bunnies.
Anthea Tan earned her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Santo Tomas and currently finishing her specialization in Internal Medicine. As a licensed physician, she does not only treat the disease or illness but also focus on a holistic approach on the impact of the disease on the family, friends and the patient himself. She would like to educate people, create awareness, that will improve the quality of life and well being of a person.
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